International Events and Entertainment

Appraisit Events is a leading Event and Entertainment company that uses its experience to create stunning parties, conferences and events both in the UK and internationally.

For events that flow seamlessly

Appraisit Events delivers outstanding events with a commitment to the unique requirements of our clients and providing a range of event management services to suit every need.

Celebrity Artists (Music & More)

Stunning artists who have made their name in the world of music and TV are available to perform for corporate events, private parties, festivals and more.

Themed Entertainment

Themed entertainment and themed events and parties can bring a whole new dimension and create a spectacle and atmosphere your guests will never forget!


Appraisit Events is a leading event and entertainment management company who have an extensive experience which allow us to create the best possible trade fare, conference and event every time. Our events and administration team is made up of passionate people with extensive experience across the events and performance industry – to ensure delivering high standards of excellence, great attention to detail and with a personal and friendly touch for every event.

Most of our clients come to us through recommendation, we are passionate about sticking to the budget and we are utterly discreet. We beleive our best marketing is word of mouth from our statisfied clients and we enjoy a high proprotion of clients who keep coming back for more.